Razer Finally Makes Something for Lefties

Being a leftie must be difficult. So much of the world's ergonomics are designed for right-handed people that southpaws can't help but feel sometimes as if they're second class citizens.

Computers are no exception, with many ergonomic computer mice being shaped for the right hand. Lefties who wish to mouse with their dominant hands are usually left only with shape-neutral, symmetrical mice.

Some of that changes today, as Razer has announced its first left-handed gaming mouse. Razer has taken its DeathAdder gaming mouse and flipped it to create the aptly named DeathAdder Left Hand Edition, which keeps the comfortable ergonomic form factor with a 3.5G infrared sensor.

"Leftie gamers have long been requesting that we develop a gaming grade mouse that is designed exclusively for the left-handed gaming community and we really value the feedback we receive from our fans," said Robert Krakoff, president, Razer USA.

With so many years passed since Razer started in the gaming mouse business, it's interesting to learn that Krakoff is a leftie.

"Not many gamers know this, but I am a southpaw myself and feel truly excited to have a mouse that fits perfectly in my left hand," he revealed. "There is really no substitute for gaming with your naturally dominant hand."

The DeathAdder Left Hand Edition now available for $59.99 or €59.99.

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  • sabot00
    Will this raise lefties' ranks in tournaments?
  • tehTyrant
    I think most lefties like myself, just learned to do most everything else, right handed by now, except for writing and holding food utensils =D... /shrug

    I am one of those lefties that throws left and bats right handed as well X_X

    But hey, it's about time, Razer!
  • 4745454b
    Agreed tehTyrant. When I first started using a computer my mother warned me that if I learned to use the mouse left handed, I'd be forever having to move it to the other side, reversing buttons, etc. I decided I would just use it right handed. A good choice seeing as at the time we were using the arrow buttons to move, but would have been heck when we went to WASD. For those that never bothered to learn how to use the mouse right handed I can see them liking this. Not sure there are enough of them out there though to make this worth while.