Razer Naga Mouse Gets Chroma Treatment

Razer continues to roll on with updating its entire lineup of peripherals to its new Chroma lighting standard. After a few Chroma variants in headsets, keyboards, and gamepads, the company's latest Chroma product is the Naga Chroma mouse.

More Color

The company considers the Naga Chroma its new flagship MMO mouse. Its wireless older brother, the Naga Epic Chroma, was released last year. Still, the addition of RGB lighting is the big attraction for this latest device. Those who used the original Naga mouse will notice that the layout is still the same -- with 19 programmable buttons, including the 12 mechanical thumb buttons on the left side of the mouse -- but there are a few notable changes.

The original Naga mouse could be bought for either left- or right-handed players. However, the Chroma version only caters to right-handers (sorry, lefties). The sensor and DPI range are increased in the new mouse to 16,000 DPI with a 5G laser sensor compared to the old one, which had 8,200 DPI and a 4G laser sensor.

As usual, the addition of Chroma means you can synchronize lighting colors and patterns with your other Razer peripherals, thanks to Synapse software. One good thing that doesn't change is price, as the Naga Chroma will stay at the same $79.99 price point as its predecessor.

Overwatch Support

Aside from Chroma implementation on its devices, Razer also wants game developers to take advantage of the Chroma SDK and make special lighting patterns and colors that users can instantly load onto the device's software to add more immersion to their gameplay. One of those developers is Blizzard Entertainment, which announced at its annual BlizzCon convention that it partnered up with Razer for specially-themed devices for its upcoming first-person shooter game Overwatch. The developers will also work with the Chroma SDK to create custom lighting effects for the game, such as notifying players when abilities are ready for use, and special lighting schemes for each hero during the character selection phase.

As for the peripherals, the Overwatch brand will be available for the Deathadder Chroma mouse, the BlackWidow Chroma keyboard and the Goliathus mouse pad. The added branding boosts up the price for both the mouse and keyboard $10 more than the original price of $69.99 and $169.99, respectively. For the mouse pad, it will be the most expensive mouse pad in the Goliathus family at $34.99 (the other pads in the Goliathus lineup are either $19.99 or $14.99).

This game-specific branding isn't a first for Razer. In fact, the company provided the same feature for previous games such as World of Tanks and the new Call of Duty: Black Ops III. It also provided an eSports version, which just added a new skin and logo for certain teams like Evil Geniuses and Team Liquid.


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  • jasonelmore
    Until they put fully programmable RGB lights on each of the side buttons, i'm not interested.. It's a huge missed opportunity.

    You have a huge grid of 12 mechanical buttons on the side, and you limit them to one color for all 12 instead of letting us do a color for each one.
  • RedJaron
    Can someone explain to me what ridiculously high mouse DPI is supposed to do for you? Honestly? I've been using basic programmable Logitech mice for ages and have no issue. If I am missing out on something, I have no idea what it may be. A sensor that can work on glass and any other surface, now that's something I see as helpful. But what am I getting at 16K DPI that I'm not getting at 8K DPI, that I'm not getting at a normal 1000 DPI?