Razer Unveils Wildcat Xbox Controller, Updated Nabu Wearable At PAX Prime

Razer has an appearance at PAX Prime this year, and while the company is well-known for its large showcase of PC-based peripherals and its Chroma RGB lighting software, the latest offering is targeted at console players, as well as those looking for an affordable lifestyle wearable.

A Controller For The New Xbox

At the moment, the only console-based controller available from Razer is the Sabertooth. It stood out from the traditional Xbox 360 controller with an additional six programmable buttons, as well as the ability to access different profiles based on the custom settings of the buttons in addition to the changes in analog stick sensitivity.

With the Xbox One out in full force, it's only inevitable that the company would make a new controller for the latest generation of Xbox. The Wildcat, as it's called, claims to be a controller created with tournament players in mind. Instead of six programmable buttons like its Sabertooth predecessor, the Wildcat features only four. There's also a set of controls at the bottom of the controller to provide quick access to various settings including chat, as well as a 3.5 mm audio port.

There are also a few optional features, including a set of two trigger stops to decrease the time it takes to press the trigger buttons and provide a faster rate of fire. A pair of analog stick caps ensure that your fingers don't slip during gameplay, and an additional layer of palm grips keep the Wildcat firmly in your hands.

Razer also provided a braided micro-USB cable and a carrying case. The entire thing will cost you $149.99 when it becomes available in October.

An Updated Nabu

Since the Nabu's first unveiling at CES 2014, Razer received a plethora of feedback from users on how to make the company's first entry into the wearable market a better experience. For the most part, the band looks unchanged with the exception of a button placed on top of the screen instead of adjacent to it.

On the software side, a new version of the companion app for your smartphone is in the works, featuring a better UI and better algorithms that automatically track your sleeping patterns. The app is currently in beta, but current Nabu owners can test out its features now. As for the updated Nabu, pre-orders will start on September 15 for $99.99. It will ship in October.

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