Razer Release Slew of New Gaming Controllers

While most nearby attendees were completely absorbed by the firm’s Switchblade compact gaming notebook, a few were getting hands-on with the company’s latest controllers.

Collaboration with Sixense has brought forth a motion-sensing controller set that has several key advantages over the familiar Wii controller, most notably its use of magnetic sensors to determine the controller’s exact location and orientation in reference to the display. We were unfortunately told to await further announcements about this product’s future availability and price.

A new version of the classic gamepad has also been introduced for the XBox 360 that fortunately also supports PCs. The Onza Tournament Edition controller has adjustable resistance for both of its analog control sticks and will be released on January 17.

Thomas Soderstrom
Thomas Soderstrom is a Senior Staff Editor at Tom's Hardware US. He tests and reviews cases, cooling, memory and motherboards.
  • henydiah
    nice ..
  • Lutfij
    count me in for a purchase!
  • nobodyshearing
    that new xbox controller is just too damn sexy... but i already have 4 from MS...
  • eccentric909
    I've been waiting for months for the Onza.. glad it is finally coming!
  • deletemach_kernel
    no thanks.
  • killbits
    "Mouse Maker gets closer to its roots."

    What the hell?

    Razer started making high-dpi mice for competitive pro Counter-Strike players. How is making an xbox controller getting back to its roots?

    First of all I don't play console games so I really shouldn't care about console accessories, but I feel like razer should stick to making PC peripherals. For a few years they had some of the best mice and keyboards for gamers, but logitech and microsoft have both caught up in quality and innovation. Seems to me like they are losing their focus.
  • elcentral
    well all i know about razer is actualy poor cuality. my headphones died 3 mounth after i got em got logitech and they lasted for 1,5 years, mose lets see 2 of my friends like razer and i got a logitech mouse, my mouse outlasts 3-4 of there razer mouses and im the sore loser of uss, im not at all some crapy fanboy but iwe not run in to eny luck whit or around razer stuff thats all. magnetic sensor well that sounds cool.