Razer's Mask Now Named 'Zephyr,' Taking Beta Testers

Razer Zephyr
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When Razer first announced its Project Hazel smart mask at CES 2021, we were in the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic. In the spring, the company announced that this would indeed be a real shipping product.  And now, with the unfortunate news that COVID-19 cases are increasing again, Razer has given it mask a production name, Zephyr, and is calling for beta testers ahead of a Q4 launch. 

While the name is different, everything that we were interested in about the mask is still there. According to Razer's product page, the Zephyr still promotes high bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE), active ventilation, and the auto-sterilization function that sterilizes the mask for you while in the charging case via a UV light.

Along with the bacteria combatant features of the Zephyr, Razer wants to remove some of the biggest caveats of wearing a mask, which are communication, comfort, and sustainability. With its transparent design, the Zephyr makes it easier to communicate with people who may pick up on lip-reading better than sound, and it can be useful in speech therapy for children and adults. Along with the transparency, it also eliminates muffled speech, via a microphone and amplifier embedded within the mask, which uses their Voiceamp technology.

Because this is a Razer product, it features Chroma addressable RGB and will automatically light up, allowing for facial gestures to be just as viewable in the dark as the light.  

Given the fact that Razer’s new mask uses so much technology, the company wanted to still make it practical for everyday use. The Zephyr features swappable filters within the ventilator, wireless charging, and of course the waterproof and scratch-resistant mask composed of recycled plastic.

As with Razer's peripherals, some of which made our lists of the best gaming keyboards and best gaming mice, comfort is key; the mask features active ventilation, allowing for easy breathing,and adjustable ear loops. 

To sign up for the beta, check out Razer.

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Myles Goldman
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  • Giroro
    Usually when a company does beta or market testing, they ask for demographic information.
    Razer doesn't want that, they only want your social media profiles.
    This isn't about product testing. They're only interested in finding hungry 'influencers' who are willing to promote their product/company for free.
  • hotaru251
    kind of sad that all companies expect everyone to have social media accts.

    and yeah requiring those is basically a PR thing. Doubt few non "influencers" or ppl without a large fanbase will get to test it.
  • TechLurker
    I'll be honest, I'd buy this for work. We're starting to have to double-mask, and speaking through several layers of mask is an inconvenience. If this has active filtration as claimed, I'd definitely use it to help push air through the inner mask, and use the "loudspeaker" element to better talk without feeling like I'm yelling. I'd definitely shut off the stupid RGB; that would be a distraction outside of holiday work (Halloween, Holidays, and 4oJ/VetDay), and still a bit of a drain on whatever limited battery life this thing will have.