Reeven Goes Cheap and Silent with New Mid-Tower Case

Reeven introduced its first silent ATX mid-tower case, dubbed the Rheia, at Computex. The Rheia features sound dampening material on the top and right side panels of the case in an effort to make it as quiet as possible. Additionally, the Rheia comes with either a massive window for the right side panel or a dampened steel side panel for additional noise reduction.

The case itself, which measures 8.25” W x 18.3” H x 17.55” D, features a minimalist design with SECC steel side and top panels. It also features an ABS plastic front panel. The Rheia comes with plenty of room internally, as Reeven divided the interior into two compartments by what could be considered a full-length power supply shroud.

There’s room for an ATX PSU down below, as well as space for 2x 2.5” drives and 2x 3.5” drives. There’s also plenty of room up top for a 400mm long graphics card and a 180mm tall CPU cooler. The Rheia also provides room to mount either a 240mm radiator or 2x 120mm fans up front.

The Rheia features a preinstalled 120mm Reeven Blade fan as well as seven expansion slots on the rear of the case. The case should launch around Q3 2016, and both versions carry the same $59.99 MSRP.

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