Riotoro's Builder Edition 1200W PSU Marries Power With Affordability

In addition to the impressive Project Morpheus case, which is able to resize in order to meet the needs of its owners, Riotoro introduced at Computex 2018 an affordable PSU with 1.2kW capacity.

The Builder Edition 1200W is meant for people who don't care about RGB lighting, modern looks, or other bells and whistles that are irrelevant to their search for increased power and reliability. This unit offers both. The Builder Edition 1200W is made by High Power, is fully modular, and meets the 80 PLUS Gold standard. It also uses DBB fans that can operate for prolonged periods at >40C temperatures. (Even if they are a little loud.)

With eight PCIe connectors and a $220 MSRP the Builder Edition unit will be the ideal choice for multi-GPU systems, including those meant for cryptocurrency mining. The exclusive use of Japanese capacitors is another positive aspect of this unit, however we'll have to tear it down to check on the series of the caps, since not all Japanese caps are top quality. There are affordable Japanese caps with not-so-high lifetimes that are inferior to top-of-the-line Taiwanese or even Chinese caps, so "Japanese caps" isn't always a panacea when it comes to a PSU's reliability and lifetime.

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Riotoro Builder Edition 1200W
AC INPUT100 - 240 VAC, 50 - 60 Hz
Contributing Editor

Aris Mpitziopoulos is a Contributing Editor at Tom's Hardware US, covering PSUs.

  • derekullo
    It just feels wrong to use a 1200 watt power supply that isn't at least Platinum rated, especially so for a mining computer.

    The CORSAIR HX1200 is only $200 before rebates and is better in basically every way; max amperage on rails, quietness, ...

    Even if this was $150 I've learned the power supply is the one part you don't skimp on.
  • cedarsedge
    Thank you. Boring