Roccat Power-Grid Gets its First Big Update

Back in late October, Roccat launched its remote control service for Windows-based PCs, Power-Grid. The software is comprised of a desktop client and apps for iOS and Android. It features preset Grids and Controls that offer functionality ranging from adjusting Windows settings to executing in-game macro sequences in popular games like StarCraft II and League of Legends.

Roccat revealed on Monday that fans have downloaded Power-Grid over 250,000 times since its launch in October, and more than 1,000 positive reviews have sprouted up on Apple's App Store and Google Play combined. To celebrate the milestone, Roccat is introducing new features to make the experience, currently in open beta, even better.

"Running the open beta is very important for us," says Roccat founder and CEO René Korte. "With this large user base we get way more feedback than we did in the closed beta. That makes it easier for us to focus on in-demand features that are beneficial to users, because more free Power-Grid content gets shared through our store."

This latest release adds an auto updater that will open a small pop up window, informing the user of a new version that needs to be downloaded and installed manually. There's also a new plug-in importer that supports both imports and exports, and a new home screen that allows for the user to navigate via tabs, before even connecting to the PC host software.

The update also brings brand new Roccat-created Grids for the app including a Trackpad for turning a smartphone or tablet into a computer's trackpad. Another new Grid is the Ryos, which allows users to control eight effects for the per-key Illumination of the Ryos MK Pro mechanical gaming keyboard.

"Releasing the Ryos MK Pro Grid is the first step towards combining Power-Grid with Roccat hardware. You remember our Phobo keyboard concept? Well, we've been working on that and I can promise you a mind-blowing solution for 2014," says Korte.

Roccat reports that this release of Power-Grid also brings the official release of the SDK. Now professional developers and "ambitious" users can create advanced Power-Grid content.

To download Power-Grid, head here.

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