Rockstar Posts Next-Gen Screenshots of GTA V

It's been a long wait for GTA V to arrive on the PS4, Xbox One and PC. Oh, what's that? It hasn't arrived yet? Anyway, while the next-generation console version is slated to arrive on November 18, and the PC version on January 27 of next year, Rockstar is keeping us interested by offering more details about the game. The latest post from the company doesn't reveal many new details about the in-game content, but does include some screenshots of the in-game content we already knew was coming.

The new content includes the Dodo seaplane; a faster, more maneuverable blimp; a couple of new cars; extra weapons; additional missions; a "wildlife photography challenge;" and stock car races. Whether the screenshots are from the PC variant or from the PS4 or Xbox One variants is unclear, but what is apparent is that it looks very good.

If you pre-order the game you'll also receive an extra one million dollars of in-game credit, split evenly over story mode and GTA Online mode.

Last month, Rockstar told us that the PC version will be released a bit later than the next-generation content variants because it is polishing the game as much as possible. You might be upset about the longer wait, but after what happened a few years back with the GTA IV launch, we're more than happy to wait a little longer to get a properly ported game. Hopefully, the longer wait will be worth it. It has also been reported that the PC variant of GTA 5 will have Mantle support.

So, without further ado, enjoy the screenshots below. You can click on them for larger versions.

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