RTX 4060 Will Use Nvidia's Entry-Level Ada Lovelace Die

GeForce RTX 4060
(Image credit: Nvidia)

According to a Twitter post by @Zed__Wang, Nvidia's (vanilla) RTX 4060 8GB will use the company's entry-level Ada Lovelace GPU die known as AD107, rather than the larger AD106 die from the RTX 4060 Ti. This won't affect the GPU's official specifications, but the fact that the RTX 4060 can be used on the AD107 die shows focused Nvidia is on increasing power efficiency this generation on mid-range and entry-level GPUs.

Nvidia's decision to use AD107 inside the RTX 4060 isn't a leak or a rumor, in-fact Nvidia told us directly that it will officially use the AD107 die in its new mid-range GPU. As a result, this will be the first RTX xx60 class product operating on an entry-level die. Previous generations of mid-range RTX GPUs like the 3060 and 2060 worked on the GA106 or TU106 dies, one tier higher than their entry-level equivalents ending with the number 7.

AD107 Die

(Image credit: @Zed__Wang)

We believe the GPU will use a fully enabled AD107 die. As a result, there won't be another GPU model surpassing the RTX 4060 with better specifications on the same die, including core count, memory bus configuration, ROPs, and cache. There could be an "RTX 4060 Super" with higher TDP and clocks, but there will not be another GPU with higher physical specs on this die.

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Nvidia 60-class GPU Specifications
Graphics CardRTX 4060RTX 3060
Process TechnologyTSMC 4NSamsung 8N
Transistors (Billion)18.912.0
Die size (mm^2)158.7276
GPU Cores (Shaders)30723584
Tensor Cores96112
RT Cores2428
Boost Clock (MHz)2460?1777
VRAM Speed (Gbps)1715
VRAM (GB)812
VRAM Bus Width128192
L2 Cache243
TFLOPS FP32 (Boost)1512.7
TFLOPS FP16 (FP8)121 (242)102 (sparsity)
Bandwidth (GBps)272 (453 effective)360
TGP (watts)115170
Launch DateJul 2023Feb 2021
Launch Price$299$329

For reference, the RTX 4060's specs include 3072 CUDA cores, 24 SMs, 96 Tensor Cores, 24 RT Cores, 24MB of L2 cache, 48 ROPs, 96 TMUs, and a 128-bit bus. In addition, boost clocks are rated at 2460 MHz, and the GPU will feature a power target of 115W.

AD107 gives Nvidia several advantages with the RTX 4060; one is that the GPU will be cheaper to produce since it will be operating on the smallest and easiest-to-produce GPU die in the Ada Lovelace family. Another is that Nvidia can offload production to another GPU die in the future if it needs to improve yields. For example, Nvidia might opt to leverage both AD107 and AD106 for the vanilla RTX 4060 in the future to enhance yields and reduce waste on potentially bad AD106 dies that cannot be used with all of the cores turned on.

For enthusiasts and gamers, it is unfortunate to see the RTX 4060 being regulated to the AD107 die, with the performance potential it could have had with Nvidia's bigger AD106 die. But at least we are getting an incredibly efficient GPU that will be easy to power and cool.

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  • Metal Messiah.
    Even the desktop RTX 4050 would use this same die/AD107-400, a cut-down version, since the MOBILE counterparts also use the same silicon. It appears the new die is very efficient, and Nvidia has also reduced the size of the die by a reasonable amount.

    For comparison:
    AD107 "Ada" GPU Die Size = 146mm2 (TBD @5nm)
    GA107 "Ampere" Die Size = 200mm2 (8.7 Billion Transistors @8nm)
    TU117 "Turing" Die Size = 200mm2 (4.7 Billion Transistors @12nm)
  • hotaru251
    so it basically is a xx50 tier gpu named as a xx60 tier.
    I assume reason they made a "ti" version was to not relive the 1060 6gb vs 3gb issue where they were same tier yet vastly different they shouldnt of shared same name.

    the ti looks fine but the non ti is questionable if its gonna be any better than 3060 outside dlss 3 enabled titles.
  • Dingledooda
    No it's basically a xx40 tier named as the 60ti is the xx50, it has the same relative core count as the 3050 so it's literally an xx50 for a 60ti price :|
  • ManDaddio
    Naming really doesn't mean anything anymore. People need to get off that train. We know what die it's using. And if people are not happy about that then don't buy it.
    Ada is more powerful and power efficient than Ampere. Isn't that what people were crying for in the past?
    Sometimes one may rise more than the other. That's just physics.
    Nvidia next gen will be power efficient since they achieved that now. Therefore, they can focus on squeezing more performance out next time. But they will have a different design most likely to take advantage of more cache hopefully.
  • Co BIY
    I wonder how much the change in scheme is caused by high yields reducing the need to bin chips.

    Now product segmentation is more deliberate and not driven by production process variability. (?)