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iBase Embeds Ryzen V1000 APU Into Mini-ITX Motherboard

iBase, an industrial motherboard and embedded system manufacturer, has introduced its new MI988 motherboard, which sports AMD's latest family of Ryzen Embedded V1000 APUs.

Leaving a footprint of 170 x 170mm, the iBase MI988 is a Mini-ITX motherboard rocking an old-fashioned green PCB. An AMD Ryzen V1000 APU is embedded into the center of the motherboard. The APU is the product of combining the chipmaker's Zen CPU and Vega graphics architectures into a single package. The entire Ryzen V1000 family is produced under the 14nm FinFET manufacturing process. iBase currently offers the MI988 in three different forms.

(Image credit: iBase)

The first option consists of the quad-core, eight-thread AMD Ryzen Embedded V1807B processor. It clocks in at 3.35GHz, with a boost clock speed of 3.8GHz. This model employs Radeon Vega 11 graphics with 11 compute units operating at 1,300MHz.

The second option features the AMD Ryzen Embedded V1756B, which is also a quad-core part with eight threads. However, the V1756B runs at a 3.25GHz base clock and a 3.6GHz boost clock. This model in particular utilizes Radeon Vega 8 graphics consisting of eight compute units clocked at 1,100MHz.

Lastly, the MI988 is available with the dual-core, four-thread AMD Ryzen Embedded V1202B, which has a 2GHz base clock and 3.6GHz boost clock. The V1202B makes use of Radeon Vega 3 Graphics and has three compute units running at 1,100MHz.

Sporting a total of two DDR4 SO-DIMM memory slots, the iBase MI988 is capable of housing up to 32GB of memory and supports frequencies up to 2,666MHz. However, what's really remarkable with the motherboard is that it comes with support for ECC (Error-Correcting Code) memory modules. The motherboard also has a M.2 2230 slot for M-key NVMe SSDs and two SATA III ports for conventional hard drives and SSDs. There's even a mini PCIe socket present. Expandability is very limited with a single PCIe x8 slot. As for power, the iBase MI988 employs a single 4-pin power connector.

(Image credit: iBase)

Display connectors on the iBase MI988 come in the form of one HDMI 2.0a port, one DisplayPort 1.4 output and one Embedded DisplayPort (eDP) or a 24-bit dual channel low-voltage differential signaling (LVDS) port. The remaining connectors on the motherboard's rear I/O panel include four serial ports, two USB 3.1 Gen 2 (10Gbps) ports, two USB 3.1 Gen 1 (5Gbps) ports, dual GbE Ports coming from Intel's I211-AT Ethernet controller and three 3.5mm audio connectors. The audio system on the MI988 is powered by the Realtek ALC662 codec and subsequently comes with support for 5.1 channel audio. 

iBase didn't publicly reveal the MI988's pricing or availability; however, interested shoppers can request a quote from the manufacturer's website for more information.