Samsung ships first samples of compact embedded Flash

Samsung said it has started shipping samples of "MoviNAND" Flash memory modules to "manufactureres of mobile products". The devices combine regular NAND Flash memory with a standard multimedia card (MMC) v.4 controller and onboard firmware. According to Samsung, the technology simplifies the integration of memory into products such as MP3 players, digital cameras and cellphones.

As an embedded memory solution, Samsung says that MoviNAND makes it unnecessary to put external memory card slot in mobile devices. However, the embedded flash can also be used in tandem with a MMC card slot to enable a more flexible memory capacity in mobile products.

Samsung claims that the MoviNAND can transfer data at a speed of 52 MB/s. Mass production of 1 GB and 2 GB chips is scheduled to begin this month. 512 MB and 4 GB devices will follow later this year.