Samsung's Adidas Phone Helps Users With Workouts

Ridgfield Park (NJ) - In a nearly identical move to Apple's partnership with Nike, Samsung has joined forces with athletic apparel specilaist Adidas to create a music-centric phone with special functionality to keep track of workout data.

The "MiCoach" handset includes a heart-rate monitor and special workout software. Like the Nike+iPod product combination, the MiCoach also has a sensor that users can attach to a pair of shoes to track jogging distances.

Additionally, a virtual coach will tell users to "speed up" if they go below a certain pace. Users will also be notified of an incoming phone call while running and can put their workout on hold to take the call.

Unlike the Nike+iPod bundle, though, the MiCoach does not require users to buy a specific pair of shoes. Nike offers a set of shoes with special design and wiring that users must buy in order to use the Nike+iPod workout kit. The MiCoach sensor just acts as a basic pedometer.

Samsung's latest break-the-mold handset is out first in Germany for around 400 euros ($612). Samsung America has not yet announced a firm release plan for the phone to come stateside.