Samsung ships 512 Mbit GDDR3 memory

Seoul - Samsung announced that it doubled the density of graphics DDR3 memory and has begun shipping samples to graphics card and game console manufacturers.

The transition from 256 Mbit to 512 Mbit as the most advanced type of memory for graphics cards is scheduled with volume shipments of the memory, which is planned "early next year", according to Samsung. The company said that higher density will allow graphics card memory to jump to 512 MByte capacity and result in an increase in performance and the display of richer textures.

Samsung introduced 256Mb GDDR3 memory in November 2003 and holds the largest share of the market for graphics memory embedded in high-end graphics cards. The company currently leads the market share in the segment for graphics card memory, the playing field however get will more crowded in 2005 with other semiconductor firms such as Infineon getting into the game.

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