Seagate Launches New Game Drive For Xbox Game Pass Special Edition

Seagate has been partnering with Microsoft to supply official accessories for the Xbox console for a couple of generations now, starting with the original Game Drive for Xbox. Now, Seagate has announced a successor called the Game Drive for Xbox Game Pass Special Edition, which sports an all-new design and offers one or two months of free access to the Xbox Game Pass streaming service that debuted on June 1.

Xbox Game Pass lets you access over 100 Xbox games for a monthly subscription fee of $10. It’s similar in concept to PlayStation Now, with the notable differences being that it's meant to let you play Xbox 360 and Xbox One games and that you download games from it instead of streaming them. If you’re going to be downloading all of these new games, you may find yourself running out of internal storage, so Seagate is offering both a 2TB and 4TB version of the Game Drive for Xbox, and it now matches the color and styling of the latest Xbox One S.

Seagate is offering a one-month subscription to Xbox Game Pass with the 2TB model and a two-month subscription with the 4TB model. The MSRP is $90 for the 2TB version and $130 for the 4TB version, so the price premium to get a branded drive for your Xbox is not excessive, although these do cost a bit more than non-branded models. The pricing is right in-line with the previous green models, which had also been bumped to the same capacities. Seagate also offers a Game Drive for Xbox SSD with a 512GB capacity, if you’d prefer to forgo more storage for something a bit faster.

The new white models look great, and the bundled access to Xbox Game Pass helps offset the price increase from Seagate's normal lineup. It’s not for everyone, but if you’re the kind of person who likes to take your game library with you, having an Xbox-branded model could be a nice perk.

This post was written by Brett Howse.

Nathaniel Mott
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