AMD's New MI200 128GB GPUs Will Power Setonix Supercomputer

Setonix Specifications
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Pawsey's new research supercomputer Setonix will be housing the latest and greatest processing nodes from AMD, including AMD's yet unannounced Instinct MI200 CDNA GPUs, featuring 128 GB of HBM2E memory. Making Setonix the second supercomputer in the world to feature AMD's MI200 GPUs.

The MI200 hasn't even been announced yet by AMD, but thanks to leaks from Linux drivers and supercomputer announcements like Setonix and Frontier, we now know the core details about AMD's new enterprise GPU.

The MI200, codenamed Aldebaran, is expected to be a monster of a GPU, it will feature AMD's latest CDNA2 architecture based on the 7nm node with a multi-die design. The GPU will be made out of two GPU dies connected to AMD's Infinity high-performance interconnect (think of it as AMD's Infinity Fabric, but for GPUs).

Even more special is the GPUs ability to run a whopping 128 GB of HBM2E memory on a 1,024-bit wide interface. The DRAM is comprised of stacked HBM2 memory with 128-bit wide busses per stack, with eight stacks total, making up the 1,024-bit interface. This will give the MI200 an estimated 3.64 TB/s of memory bandwidth.

Setonix and its bevy of 750+ MI200 GPUs will be used to process data coming from the Square Kilometre Array telescope when it becomes operational later this year.

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