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Sex With Google Glass Gives You a Different Perspective

If there's one way to get pretty much everyone in the room to pay attention to something, it's sex. More so than most, the developers behind Sex with Google Glass have at least that much locked down.

The app is one of what will undoubtedly become a new crop of software designed to help connect our technological and personal lives. In this case, its purpose is to allow two users to share video streams; he'd see what she sees and she'll see what he does. It's an interesting idea and one that has been getting some attention elsewhere recently, but using the Oculus Rift in a gender swap.

After constantly hearing about the possible horrors of technology, it's nice to see developers trying to eek some more positive, empathetic experiences from this tech, though I'm not at all sure how successful the Sex with Glass project will be. Something about it just seems… weird.

The app for Google Glass isn't due out for some time, mostly because the team wants to get something functional out in the public right now. For the time-being they're focusing on the iPhone and with more or less the same functionality called Glance. The app includes some voice commands for music controls, lighting, as well as an on-demand list of position suggestions.

A lot of you might be thinking there's a high possibility of abuse for this sort of software, and you're almost certainly right. The app's developers are trying to cut that down, though. When you're done, you'll only have one chance to save it before it's permanently deleted.

Glance doesn't have an official release date set, but it's due out on the iPhone and then Glass somewhere down the line. Given the relative rarity of Glass, chances are pretty low that the app will be used as its makers intended anytime soon.

  • Stimpack
    That should be their slogan. "Once you wear Google Glass, you'll never have sex again!"
  • p05esto
    You would have to be a MASSIVE dork to not only wear those things but to suggest having sex with them on. You must be kidding.
  • de5_Roy
    the "Sex with Glass" doesn't sound too safe for the users' private parts. one shard of broken Glass, and there will be a horror show.
  • Blazer1985
    Self voyeurism? O.oI'm asking myself when good old sex became boring...Guess what, IT DIDN'T!
  • Nolonar
    12539182 said:
    the "Sex with Glass" doesn't sound too safe for the users' private parts. one shard of broken Glass, and there will be a horror show.
    ... because a shard of broken glass in your eyes isn't scary at all... or a lump of explosive Lithium in your pockets.

    Come on, everything in the world can be dangerous. Stop being so damn paranoid!
  • Uhh, that sounds more like a replacement for telephone sex or webcam sex, not intended to be used during actual sex. Why would anyone want to look at themselves from partner's perspective while doing it?
  • Traciatim
    Now all they need is to make you able to feel what the other user felt, the ability to record the feelings, and then you have the movie Strange Days.
  • irish_adam
    might as well have a wank in front of a mirrori mean seriously how vain would you have to be to actually want to watch yourself having sex rather than your partner
  • smeezekitty
    SighWhy cannot humanity get over this obsession
  • brandonjclark
    We're closer to the movie Idiocracy every day.