Shuttle Announces The X50 All-in-One

Shuttle, best known for its small form factor PCs, officially introduced the X50 all-in-one nettop today.

The X50 is Shuttle's new 15.6-inch all-in-one PC that features a touch screen interface and a dual-core Intel Atom 330 processor.  We were lucky enough to have a sneak peak of the X50 back at CES 2009, so its release does not come as much of a surprise.  As it turns out however, the X50 will be just the first in an all-new product line from Shuttle, called X Vision.  The X Vision slogan appears to be "VISION for neXt generation PCs".

The new Shuttle X50's most striking feature is that it measures just 1.4-inch thick, which includes the integrated 15.6-inch touch-enabled display with 1366 x 768 resolution. The X50's graphics is powered by Intel's ho-hum GMA 950 integrated graphics solution, which is generally considered capable of 720p video playback, and the system comes with 1 GB of memory.  The display can tilt, includes a hidden carrying handle and with the system having just a single power cord, the entire system can be easily VESA wall-mounted.

Other features of the X50 include a 160 GB hard drive, integrated 2-watt stereo speakers, a 1.3-megapixel webcam, a microphone, 802.11n Wifi, a 4-in-1 memory card reader, VGA output, five USB ports and Windows XP Home.  The X50 draws only 30-watts of power, includes Shuttle's I.C.E heat pipe cooling system and produces a low noise level of 22-decibels. 

According to the price quoted to us back at CES, the Shuttle X50 is expected to cost $499.  The Shuttle X50 does have other competition, including the Asus Eee Top, both of which could make for a nice addition to a kitchen or casual workspace.

  • sacre
  • StupidRabbit
    :D my thoughts precisely
  • fuser
    What's wrong with the pictures on Tom's? I click zoom and I get the same picture. Is Tom's having bandwidth issues? I would have thought that killing Tom's Games would have reduced traffic considerably.
  • jsloan
    ugly, small screen, apple macs look much better. look at the size of the screen... ouch
  • joshwood123
    jsloanugly, small screen, apple macs look much better. look at the size of the screen... ouch
    umm yeah it doesnt look as good as a mac, but thats not going to make me pay $1500 for a $700 computer...mac is all looks, no guts.
    i think this thing is very cool, maybe i'll get one...