CES '09: Hands-On With New PCs from Shuttle

Shuttle displayed several of its new and upcoming products at CES 2009, including new all-in-one touchscreen PCs and its new extreme flagship Core i7 PC.

Among the newly released Shuttle products was the Shuttle H7 5800, the first Intel Core i7 small form-factor PC and the company's new extreme flagship system.  According to specifications listed at the display, the H7 5800 is built on the Shuttle SX58H7 barebone and features a Nvidia Geforce 9800GTX, 2 GB of DDR3 memory, an 80 GB hard drive and a 7.1 channel high-definition audio solution.

Another powerful and exciting system from Shuttle on display was the new SDXi Carbon PC, featuring an Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9650 processor, Nvidia Geforce GTX 295 graphics solution (swapped out of the display model for safety concerns) and a new Liquid I.C.E cooling system.  The system is equipped with 4 GB of DDR2 memory, a 150 GB 10,000 RPM hard drive, a Blu-ray drive and a 300-walt PSU. For some extra glitz, the system comes with internal lighting, a clear side panel and a case that has a textured pattern. Availability should be sometime in February or March.

Also on display was Shuttle's new line of workstation PCs, including the P2 3800W workstation, the H7 P4500W workstation and the P2 4800E workstation.  The P2 3500W features an Intel Xeon Quad-core processor, Intel P35 chipset, 2 GB of DDR2 memory, an 80 GB hard drive, a DVD drive and a Nvidia Quadro FX1700 graphics card.  The H7 P4500W features an Intel Xeon Quad-core processor, Intel P45 chipset, 4 GB of DDR2 memory, an 80 GB hard drive, a Blu-ray drive and a Nvidia Quadro CX graphics card.  Lastly, the P2 4800E features an Intel Xeon Quad-core processor, Intel X48 chipset, 4 GB of DDR2 memory, an 80 GB hard drive, a Blu-ray drive and a Nvidia Quadro FX3700 graphics card.

Shuttle was also pleased to show us its new X2700D, which is the company's first PC to feature an Intel Atom dual-core processor.  Designed to be simple and environmentally friendly, the X2700D features 4 GB of DDR2 memory, an 80 GB hard drive, a DVD drive, a 60W adapter and an Intel GMA 950 graphics solution.  The system is now available.

As for upcoming systems, Shuttle was displaying its new X50 All-In-One PC, expected for release around February or March for $499.  The X50 All-In-One features an integrated 15.6-inch touchscreen monitor and it will be available in the colors black and white.  An unlabeled prototype for another all-in-one PC was also on display, which is expected sometime in March and may be called the X30.

Also expected soon is the D4500 home theater PC, which will feature an integrated 7-inch touchscreen display, and the H7 P4500 GTR PC.  The H7 P4500 GTR features an Intel Core 2 Quad processor. a 150 GB 10,000 RPM hard drive and a Nvidia Geforce 9800 GT graphics solution.

A little later down the road though, in 2H 2009, Shuttle is expected to release the K5600 PC and the new H9-series of performance chassis.  

Shuttle also announced at CES 2009 two new home servers featuring Microsoft's Window Home Server operating system.  Pricing for these new home servers apparently start at $449 and $499.  More details are available here.

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  • kelfen
    those are neat package that is there especially for compact for space
  • janiceatshuttle
    How about WINNING one of these?

    We're giving away a Shuttle SX58H7 (the platform this H7 5800 is based on), Intel Core i7 processor, NVIDIA 3D Vision Kit w/Samsung gaming monitor and 3D glasses, Razer gaming gear including Lycosa keyboard and DeathAdder mouse, Fast & Furious on Blu-ray/DVD, and more.

    Check out the details here: http://bit.ly/13ZGl4