Silverstone Releases Its First 80 PLUS Titanium Efficiency PSUs

SilverStone showed us two Titanium efficiency units at CES 2016, with 800 W and 1500 W capacities. Although there is no news about the ST-1500TI, today this company introduced the ST80F-TI unit along with its two lower capacity siblings, with 600 W and 700 W max power.

Of course, 80 PLUS Titanium is the highest certification available from here. Currently, only a few PSUs carry this badge, as it is extremely difficult to meet the Titanium requirements that demand, among other things, at least 90% efficiency with 10% load, something definitely easier said than done even by modern designed PSUs.

Besides very high efficiency, the new SilverStone Titanium units also attained a high power density score thanks to their compact dimensions, with only 150 mm depth. In addition, they are fully modular, and they use only Japanese capacitors (meaning that besides high reliability, they will also maintain strong performance over time) and have a single +12V rail. For cooling they have a 120mm diameter fan (although we have no further information about its bearing type.)

The only thing that we didn't like so much in the specs of these units is the low operating temperature threshold for continuous operation under full load, which is restricted at 40℃; the ATX spec recommends at least 50℃. The original manufacturer of these units, which is Enhance Electronics, uses the above to claim a low temperature rating; however according to our experience, its offerings don't have a problem operating at higher temperatures, but there is increased noise output because the fan profile is tuned for 40℃ max ambient. In addition, Enhance is among the very few manufacturers that provide Over Temperature Protection (OTP), which is a crucial feature for every PSU.

The recommended end-user prices for the new SilverStone Titanium PSUs are:

All prices exclude VAT, and the PSUs will be available on February 22.

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  • Moneyd623
    Maybe this means we can finally see the The SX700-LPT in stores soon as well???? Been waiting for that since last summer!,29179.html
  • jaber2
    Maybe this means we can finally see the The SX700-LPT in stores soon as well???? Been waiting for that since last summer!,29179.html

    I wouldn't hold my breath, don't think it went past vaporware
  • 10tacle
    Sure Enhance Electronics makes excellent industrial-quality server and workstation PSUs. But for general PC enthusiasts, I believe the Titanium rating is diminished returns in price/quality/efficiency-performance ratios (no matter who the OEM is).

    There are gold rated PSUs available with Japanese capacitors for a lot less in the same wattage range. EVGA's SuperNOVA G2 series immediately comes to mind for example. Is the 800W Silverstone Platinum really worth $75(US) more than EVGA's 850W G2? I'd have a hard time justifying it.