SilverStone PSUs, Cases And Other Accessories At CES 2016

Silverstone had many new PSU offerings to show in this CES, including two Titanium efficiency units, along with several Platinum and Gold ones. The SFX and SFX-L PSU lines have been enriched with stronger members, raising the bar even higher into the respective categories.

The Strider Titanium series consists of two members with 800 W and 1500 W capacities. Both are made by Enhance Electronics, with the ST-1500TI featuring only 18 cm depth, something that allows it to achieve an impressive 646 W per liter power density score. For reference, both the EVGA 1600 P2 and Corsair AX1500i units have 22.5 cm length and achieve 551 W and 517 W per liter power density scores, respectively. Besides the Titanium efficiency, both the ST-1500TI and ST-800TI are fully modular and come with stealth and flat modular cables, which are flexible enough to allow easier rooting inside the chassis, compared to the normal round-shaped cables.

The ST-1500TI is able to deliver its full power continuously at up to 50C ambient temperatures and has a powerful single +12V rail, with 125A max current output. According to SilverStone, its peak power can reach 1600 W; however we are against PSU overloading even for short periods, because it can seriously decrease a PSU's lifetime and even break it, something that can prove fatal even for some of your system's parts.

Finally, SilverStone spoke of a very silent operation for the 1500 W Titanium unit, but this is something that we will have to verify on our own, once we have this PSU on the test bench. You should expect both Titanium units to be released in Q1 2016.

Silverstone's SFX line will have a new flagship, the SX650-G, which besides high capacity for its compact dimensions, also has Gold efficiency and all of its cables are modular. The original manufacturer (OEM) of this PSU is High Power which also makes the SX500-G. The other two members of this line, ST45SF-G and SX600-G, are made by Enhance Electronics. The SFX-L line will be also enriched with a stronger member, featuring 700 W max power and Platinum efficiency. The SX700-LPT is made by High Power. 

The Platinum Strider line has been also enriched with an 850 W model, which has smaller dimensions than the 800 W Titanium Strider. According to Tony Ou, SilverStone's PR, the new Platinum Strider units are made by High Power.

New SilverStone Cases

The mainstream RL05-B has interesting looks, thanks to the red lines at the front bezel and the PSU cover that provides a cleaner interior by hiding the power cables as well as the PSU. It will cost around 60 bucks, and it will be released during the end of Q1. It will come with two pre-installed fans and a windowed side panel.

SilverStone increased the dimensions of the CS380 case in order to allow the installation of an ATX mainboard. The difference in dimensions between the version of this case and the one they showed at Computex 2015 is small, but it was enough to bring the desired result.

Finally, SilverStone made some modifications to the Raven RVZ01(-E) case, including the removal of the slim optical drive and one of the 3.5" bays, and allowing the installation of a normal ATX PSU. This will satisfy many of this case's future owners that prefer a normal PSU to a small SFX unit, which can be a significant noise source, especially under hard conditions. The RVZ01-E has also increased airflow at its internals, compared to its predecessor.

Cable Products

All of you with iOS devices already know that Apple's Lightning connector is reversible, meaning that you don't have to worry about its orientation before you try to connect it to your device. However this isn't the case for the USB connector of the lighting cables, which must have a specific orientation in order to be connected to a USB port. SilverStone fixed this by offering a cable with a reversible USB end. This cable comes in a variety of colors and its price will be around 15 bucks. They also went a step ahead and made a reversible cable for users with micro-USB compatible devices. Finally, they released a cable with a reversible micro-USB connector on one end a combination of a USB/micro-USB connector on the other, which however isn't reversible simply because it's not possible.

Headphone Stand

SilverStone also showed a wall-mounted headphone stand, the Ensemble EBA02, which is for users that don't have the required space on their desk to use the EBA01 model or a similar product. The EBA02 features a fully aluminum body, and it looks quite nice, as you can see from the photo.

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Aris Mpitziopoulos is a Contributing Editor for Tom's Hardware, covering Power Supplies. Follow us on Twitter @tomshardware, on Facebook and on Google+.

Aris Mpitziopoulos
Contributing Editor

Aris Mpitziopoulos is a contributing editor at Tom's Hardware, covering PSUs.

  • griffon9
    Knew about the titanium PSU several months ago with another article on Computex. There should be 600, 700, 1000, 1200 variants as well from what I remember. Compact and hopefully can replace my bulky Antec HCP Pro if they have good enough features.
  • Valantar
    I get that a 1500W PSU is more of a halo product and more awe-inspiring if that's what you're after with your tech reporting, but I don't think I'm alone in my case of gazillion-watt-psu-fatigue. Some details, any at all, about the 800W unit would be greatly appreciated. Seriously, you're not going to say _anything_ about it? Wow. Even 800W is on the high end of mainstream PSUs, with even most enthusiasts using 500-750W units. 1500W units probably sell in the low thousands (if that) worldwide. Now could you please provide us with information that's actually useful?
  • gadgety
    I really like Silverstone's marketing showing the W per liter. I've got the previous 22cm generation 1500 Strider. The smaller size is welcome, but I'm not exchanging the one I have unless I can get more watts into the 30 cm long case cavity for PSUs. I could get the Leadex Super Flower 2000W PSU. That's 20cm long. Still leaves space for a secondary, smaller PSU. BTW, what happened to Silverstonetek's SFX-L 700W PSU?
  • f-14
    terrible case the front fans are too high up for great cooling of internally vented graphics cards. this is starting to become a bad trend with case manufacturers i'm seeing, that will cost performance especially in SLI.