Silverstone Launches Three Cases, Including Mini-ITX Sugo SG13

CES is just a couple days away, but we already got our hands on some information about three cases that Silverstone has in the works. We've already seen these cases before -- in fact, we had some hands-on time with the SG13 at Computex this year-- but today we're bringing you pricing and availability information.

The Kublai KL05

The KL05 is a large ATX tower, the key feature of which is the top, where you can mount a radiator above the rest of the case assembly. The exact benefit of this is unknown, although it does look like it will be a bit easier to mount a radiator there because you won't have to hold it up and screw it in from the top to make it stay in place.

Inside the case you'll be able to mount CPU coolers up to 165 mm tall, graphics cards up to 40 cm long (28 cm without removing the hard drive cages), and PSUs up to 225 mm long. The hard drive cages will hold up to six 3.5" or 2.5" drives, and there is also room for two more 5.25" optical drive bays, or a dual-bay water cooling reservoir.

Cooling in the case is handled by up to two front 140 mm fans, a 120 mm rear fan, two 140 mm top fans, and two 120 mm bottom-mounted fans. One 120 mm fan is included as standard kit. The case also has support for a 240 or 280 mm radiator.

Finally, the case weighs just under 7 kg, and measures in at 200 x 525 x 494 mm. It will be available in two variants: one with a window and a front mesh, and another plain version.

The Precision Series PS11

The Precision Series PS11 also features an ATX tower design, but it's much more compact -- just about as tall as most Micro-ATX cases, actually.

Inside you will be able to fit a PSU up to 225 mm long, a CPU cooler up to 161 mm tall, and graphics cards up to 41 cm long (or 25.6 cm long when it is mounted low enough to bump into the hard drive cage). This drive cage will fit three 3.5" drives, and the case has room for two more 2.5" drives and two 5.25" optical drives.

For cooling, the PS11 has room for two front-mounted 140 mm fans, one rear-mounted 120 mm fan and one bottom-mounted 120 mm fan. One fan comes standard. The windowed version has two additional top-mounted 120 mm fan slots, although getting a radiator in there will be a tough fit because of space restrictions.

The case measures 215 x 426 x 481 mm, and it weighs about 4.8 kg. It will be available in a plain sleek version as well as a version with a front mesh, window, and top fan-mounting locations.

And at last, the Sugo SG13

The Sugo SG13 is possibly the most exciting case of this lot, because it's a very compact Mini-ITX case that can still house an ATX PSU, a liquid cooler, and a full-size Nvidia graphics card.

The bottom of the case houses the Mini-ITX motherboard in a flat orientation, with the power supply mounted above it. Up front, you can mount a 120 mm liquid cooling radiator, which is good, because there won't be very much clearance above the motherboard for installing large CPU coolers.

The case has room for graphics cards that are up to 26.6 cm long. Fortunately, Nvidia's GTX 780 Ti, GTX 970, and GTX 980 (the reference cards, at least, not that you'd want to use an open-air cooler in this case) fall within this specification, but unfortunately, anything above AMD's R9 270X exceeds that length.

Pricing and Availability

Silverstone informed us that the Kublai KL05 will be available in the U.S. this week for $69.95, with no word on European availability.

Silverstone simply doesn't expect the European market to be interested in the Kublai KL05. (The company is curious, though, whether our European readers have any feedback on that front. The case would carry an MSRP of €58 excluding VAT.)

The PS11 will ship this week in the U.S. for $49.99 and mid-January in Europe for (ex-VAT) €43. The Sugo SG13 will ship in February for a friendly $39.99, and for €37 (ex-VAT) in Europe, sometime between February and March.

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Niels Broekhuijsen

Niels Broekhuijsen is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He reviews cases, water cooling and pc builds.

  • ceh4702
    The ITX case looks like a copy of what cooler master already is selling.
    Check it out?
  • ceh4702
    Just buy the Cooler Master Elite 110 RC . Why buy the copy when you can purchase the original. I don't really like the drive mountings on the CM Elite 110 or the CM Elite 130.
  • airborn824
    NIce how on the Mini ITX they point out it will fin a Nvidia GPU, sorry they dont have GCN and i use GCN so no BIAS is working on me.
  • Onus
    Airborn, it's not bias; the high-end AMD cards are all longer.

    Based on my experiences with Silverstone and Coolermaster cases, I would expect Silverstone to have significantly higher quality, even at the same price point. I could see buying this new mini-ITX.
  • bystander
    Anyone else find it funny seeing a 1500W PSU in that mini-ITX case?
  • jtd871
    The SG13 is basically a refresh of the SG05/06 with slightly altered dimensions (same width, 9mm longer and 5mm taller), a bigger rear vent for the ATX PSUs and a cutout in the steel under the front fascia for the longer GPUs. Since the price is the same as the SG05lite (no PSU version) and it supports a wider variety of components, I expect that at least one of the SG05/06 might be retired soon.
  • Lutfij
    I wish they did something along the lines of the SG07...but the itx chassis isn't bad - looks like a redesigned CM Elite 110.
  • buzznut
    There is the mini itx R9 285 available for SFF.
  • Gazabi
    The sugo looks sugoi.
  • kyle382
    ugh, more of the same box designs. I was hoping to see a silverstone fortress ITX revision or something creative. weak sauce