Silverstone Announces Affordable Raven X Series Cases, RVX01 ATX Chassis

Silverstone announced a new line of affordable computer chassis. The Raven X line was designed to bring the aggressive styling and rotated internal layout of the Raven series cases to a lower price point.

Silverstone's Raven X RVX01BR is the first chassis in the new affordable series. Silverstone said this is the smallest ATX case to bear the Raven name, though it still manages to support some fairly large components. The case will accept motherboards as large as 12 x 11 inches and graphics cards as long as 13.7 inches.

Silverstone doesn't list any restrictions for power supply length, which is likely due to the orientation of the hardware. The internal layout of the case places all the I/O ports at the top of the chassis rather than the rear. This allows for the graphics card to exhaust hot air upwards. The power supply is positioned to exhaust upwards too, while sucking in fresh air from the rear.

Silverstone included three 12 cm Air Penetrator fans with the case. All three of them are mounted at the bottom and suck in air from outside and blow it upwards to the components. The RVX01 is equipped with two other 12 cm fan mounts, one on the front and one at the top, which Silverstone said are compatible with radiators. A third radiator can be mounted at the bottom of the case where one of the Air Penetrator fans is located.

Silverstone's RVX01BR can support up to four hard drives. Each mounting location supports 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch drives. The case has two drive bays located in the lower front, and there are two mounting locations without bays.

The RVX01BR will be available in four different variants. There is a version with red accents that doesn't include a window for $84.60, and there's a windowed version with the option of red, blue or green color accents for $89.40. Silverstone said the RVX01BR and RVX01BR-W will both be available on December 2.

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  • RedJaron
    No front external bays is a deal breaker for me, but I like that Silverstone is continuing the Raven line. I love my Raven 3 case.
  • 80-watt Hamster
    I haven't bought a case in years, as I'm still extremely satisfied with my two primaries (an original Antec Solo which I adore, , and a Super Power which I've been rocking since my first build in '98). BUT, this makes me reconsider, particularly since the old tower houses my game rig, which resides in the living room. This would look much nicer, at the expense of not being particularly happy on its side. The old guy slides into the TV stand so neatly that way... Guess I'll see what happens when it's released and we get some decent shots of the interior. Also a little sad that the non-windowed version is only available in red. I'd prefer blue, and REALLY don't like windows in my cases. And side vents. It's awesome to see a nicely styled case available without that schtuff. Maybe someone with a windowless red would be willing to trade.