Sony Outs Playstation VR Release Date, Declares 50 Titles Available For Launch

Sony started taking pre-orders for the Playstation VR HMD in March. Eager buyers knew that the system would launch in October, but not exactly when. Now, Sony has finally locked down a concrete release date.

The Playstation VR is Sony’s answer to the virtual reality craze that has hit the tech industry recently. Oculus and HTC have both released high-end virtual reality systems for your PC, and Sony wasn’t about to be left out from virtual reality gaming. The company will launch the PSVR HMD on October 13 and there will be plenty of content for gamers to experience.

During the Playstation press conference at E3, Sony revealed that the PSVR platform would have 50 titles for you to enjoy at launch. We don’t have the full list, but the games that Sony revealed include some impressive franchises.

If you’re looking for a scare, Sony’s got that covered. Resident Evil VII: Biohazard will be making its way to virtual reality, and not just a small tech demo or a spinoff mini-game. The entire campaign, from start to finish, will be playable in first person VR. You may want to invest in some extra underwear when this arrives.

RPG fans will be delighted to hear there’s a Final Fantasy XV VR Experience coming out this October, as well. It’s not clear if this will be a full game, but with the word "experience" in the name, we expect this to be some kind of side mission. Nevertheless, you’ll experience what it’s like to engage in a battle from a first person perspective.

Star Wars is also making a splash into VR. Star Wars Battlefront: X-Wing VR Mission will put you in the pilot seat of an X-Wing fighter and right into the heart of a space-based dogfight.

Superhero fans shouldn’t feel left out either. No game footage was shown, so we’re not sure what the game really looks like, but Rocksteady announced Batman Arkham VR. We can’t wait to see for ourselves.

With these titles added to the list of content we already knew about, including Job Simulator, Gran Turismo Sport, and Rigz, the Playstation VR launch lineup is shaping up to be rather impressive. You certainly can’t say that there is a lack of AAA content for the platform.

You can order the Playstation VR HMD for as little as $399, but if you don’t have PS Move and a camera already, you’ll be spending closer to $550 for the setup. 

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  • Better than MS <mod edit> offering.
  • jaber2
    I can't wait to try X-Wing, that sold it for me, one of my first games I ever played was X-Wing
  • ubercake
    My guess is VR is going to be Virtually Ridiculous for the next decade. Then it will be the VR everyone is selling you on (but not delivering on) today.
  • computerguy72
    Ubercake - fortunately not too many people have your bad attitude - if they had almost no tech device would have sold enough to realize it's potential. But thanks for your comment as there aren't enough nay sayers on the internet.
  • ubercake
    computerguy72 - To further "throw shade" on VR, I'm going to guess it will be even less popular than 3D television.
  • wifiburger
    That actually sounds good, that and the new PS4, better then Microsoft hdr/4k garbage, that wouldn't surprise me if the new PS4 is VR only with no 4k bluray, the rumors / marketing was there to fool microsoft