OCZ Beefs Up Solid State Drive Portfolio

OCZ brought several new drives to CES, including the half-height PCIe x8 based Z-Drive R3

The real star of OCZ’s display was an experimental  4-way RAID model.  Designed to fit a single (half-height) 5.25” bay, added parallelism boosts its maximum transfer rate to 1800 MB/s.  OCZ is testing the waters with this design and has not yet decided to produce it.

If the rest of the market can “put up” with “only” 550 MB/s, OCZ might flood that portion with its Vertex 3 Pro. Capacities of up to 512GB will be available in this-year’s release, but OCZ has not announced a “firm” date.

OCZ also wanted everyone to know that several of its most recent power supplies were 80-plus silver rated, with the brand-new PC Power & Cooling Silencer 760W and 910W displayed most proudly.

Thomas Soderstrom
Thomas Soderstrom is a Senior Staff Editor at Tom's Hardware US. He tests and reviews cases, cooling, memory and motherboards.
  • g00fysmiley
    wonder when johhny guru will get ahold of one of those ocz's to see if they really are 80plus silver :D
  • woshitudou
    So thats why all the Vertex 2's were on sale
  • misry
    OCZ makes unparalleled products! And if they need someone to Beta the IBIS XL all they have to do is ask... ;)
  • tsnorquist
    If they could only work on getting that price point down to $1/GB.
  • ares1214
    Ah, about time...these SSD's are really dropping in price. 1 year ago, only 32 gigs were priced reasonably. 6 months ago, 64 gigs were starting to be priced reasonably. Now, 100-128 gigs are priced reasonably well. Who knows, 6 months from now, we could be seeing 256 gig SSD for $200-300, otherwise know as $1/GB. But the speed is impressive.
  • razercultmember1
    Only until 500 gigabytes costs $100 will i bite the bullet :\ long time i know :P
  • gsxr1181
    Man if the price was right, I'd buy one. But it will be over 5 years before it becomes affordable. :(
  • Too bad the quality of their RAM is going down the drain while this happens
  • Crashman
    memorysucksToo bad the quality of their RAM is going down the drain while this happensI've had issues with OCZ Gold series for years...I haven't seen any degradation of OCZ's higher models but I'd like to hear your thoughts!
  • christop
    Revo is sweet but damn the price...