Computex: SuperTalent Launches Line of SSD Drives

Computex is all about hardware, hardware, hardware but you can always count on someone to provide a reprieve from all the serious hardcore technology and it looks as though this year, this could effort should be awarded to SuperTalent.

SuperTalent recently announced its MasterDrive MX SSD line available in 30 GB, 60 GB, and 120 GB versions but Computex saw a slightly, er, cuter announcement from the DRAM and Flash memory manufacturer.

The company introduced the idea of made to order rubber coating for its 1.8 inch SATA SSD. The cartoony skins on the SSDs come in a range of colours and shapes and by the looks of the ones on display, they’ll pretty much manufacture anything you order (within reason, this is Tom’s Hardware, not Tom’s Hardcore).

These made to order Flash USBs are probably more aimed at business to business rather than individual customers but we won’t say it wouldn’t be nice to get one of these in a press pack as a gift.

The announcement came along side the company’s announcement in which it claimed to have developed the world’s smallest USB Flash Drive, which it claims is water resistant. Read more about it here.

Images: The InquirerSupertalent Has the Smallest USB Flash Drive