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Source 2 Engine Leaked Screenshots Show a Highly Detailed Left 4 Dead 2

ValveTime reports that Neogaf user CBOAT recently posted a thread revealing a confidential PowerPoint presentation by Valve. The images within are supposedly derived from an updated Left 4 Dead 2 prototype running on the Source 2 engine. The site notes that CBOAT is well known for leaking confidential information, so it's possible the screens are genuine.

The presentation actually features a total of 20 screens/slides, but 13 of these are obscured from view. The visible slides show the Plantation Level from the Left 4 Dead 2 game, and highlight the increase in detail, the large amounts of destruction, the enhanced foliage and so on. If you loved the original Source engine, this new version should melt your brain.

Want a sample? Hit this link and that link for a comparison between the two engines. Wow… what an incredibly huge difference between the two! Also keep in mind that this presentation may have taken place back in 2011, if at all.

Slide 20 is partially viewable, providing some insight into the toolset that will accompany Source 2. Features of the "Redesigned Tools & Workflow" include a "powerful GUI front end for content authoring," "browser for quickly finding, managing, editing assets,"  and "simple, automatic compiling of content."

The Tech Report points out something rather curious -- the timing of this "leak." When Valve revealed SteamOS back in September, the company said that AAA titles would work natively on the platform in 2014. Valve said that more details would come in the next several weeks, but that didn't happen. Perhaps this "leak" is the beginning of a big Valve reveal coming soon.