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Steve Ballmer's Popularity Within Microsoft Takes a Dive released its "Naughty and Nice" list for IT CEOs and Steve Ballmer is among those whose ratings declined notably during the year.

Steve Ballmer's approval rating among Microsoft declined to 35 percent from 49 percent last year. Only two CEOs in the list are rated worse - Yahoo's Timothy Morse at 31 percent and Xerox' Ursula Burns at 28 percent. The highest rated CEOs are National Instruments' James Truchard, and NetApp's Tome Georgens - both received a 100 percent approval rating. Tim Cook (Apple, 96 percent), Aart de Geus (Synopsys, 96 percent), Paul Otellini (Intel, 93 percent), Alfred Grasso (Mitre, 92 percent), Larry Page (Google, 92 percent), Mark Templeton (Citrix, 92 percent) also did well.

On the other end, Lowell McAdam (Verizon, 38 percent), Mike Walsh (LexisNexis, 42 percent), Jim Crow (Level 3, 43 percent) and Jon Riccitello (EA, 46 percent) are ranked among the least liked chief executive officers.

It is obvious that Steve Ballmer will have to take some steps to increase his popularity in one way or the other. While he repeatedly mentioned that he does not intend to retire until 2018, confirmed as CEO with a 92 percent majority last month, and still enjoys Bill gates' support, Ballmer has to deal with mounting criticism. Those rumors recently resulted in speculation that Bill Gates may be thinking about returning as CEO, which he denied.

  • memadmax
    Steve Ballmer was popular????
  • CaedenV
    When you have blind enthusiasm you dont need approval
  • synd
    Where is AMD's CEO? :D
  • freggo
    I'd not buy a used car from Steve Ballmer. I always have the urge to wash my hands whenever I read or see anything that has to do with the guy. Must be something wrong with me; OCD perhaps :-)
  • IndignantSkeptic
    what about Activision's CEO?
  • dark_lord69
    The title is deciving.
    "Steve Ballmer's Popularity Within Microsoft Takes a Dive"
    the "Within Microsoft" part makes me think that the EMPLOYEES were the ones that dissapproved of what he is doing. Instead this article talks about overall approval ratings and doesn't mention these ratings being from the employees.

    I think it should say "Steve Ballmer's Popularity Takes a Dive".

    Also, it says his approval rating went down and does say why it went down, just that he doesn't want to retire yet.
  • g00fysmiley
    so... the other more popular ceo's aren't going to let him eat at their lunch table anymore?
  • john_e
    Apple's iCEO Tim Cook should NOT be included since he just took over less then 2 months.
    I would say Tim Cook is still in his CEO honeymoon phase.
  • officeguy
    He lost popularity... Well, he seems pretty excited in the picture, lol.
  • john_e
    Don't you guys have any decent picture of Ballmer? Every picture I see of him he always in some sweaty shirt, or has that planet of the apes look, like in the picture above.