Swarovski Crystal PC for the Rich

A system builder in China called Eazo announced this week a personal desktop computer adorned with a heap of Swarovski crystals (translated).

F20-SE Xing Crystal Series from Eazo comes in several different colors and designs, and discerning buyers can choose to customize the design on the exterior of the machine.

According to Eazo, the F20-SE Xing Crystal comes with an Intel Core 2 Quad Q9450 processor and a Western Digital Green Power 1 TB "eco-friendly" HDD for storage duties. No clear word on how much memory is included and what kind of graphics card is installed.

At the time of global financial meltdown, it’s reassuring to see that there are manufacturers out there still producing these extravagant devices. Ear-buds with diamonds, and now PCs with custom Swarovski crystals — goes to show that no matter how bad the economy is, there are always people out there with enough cash to spend.

Why overclock your CPU when you can add sparklies to your computer? If you’re interested, the F20-SE Xing Crystal PC is just a cool $70,000 for a top end model.

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    i want one!
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    Looks great.
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