Tom's Hardware Q3 2015 System Builder Marathon: The Winners

Many will enter, very few will win. Our third quarter System Builder Marathon was revealed last month, with a budget cut in half to produce three systems at $800. So without anymore further ado, here are the three lucky winners.

  • The Prosumer PC winner is Michael Ferrante of Franklin Park, New Jersey
  • The Gaming PC goes to Nate Wermers of Johnstown, Colorado
  • The AMD Mini PC's new owner is Korbin Niehaus from Knoxville, Tennessee

Check out the links above for detailed specs on each build, and to see how all three compare against each other, be sure to take a look at the Value Comparison charts.

We'll have one more System Builder Marathon later in the year, so keep an eye out for another chance to win. Congratulations again to our latest winners!

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  • Math Geek
    congrats to the winners :D

    wish it was me instead but congrats anyway!!
  • shortbus25
    Congrats, I am from Knoxville too! Don't know the guy but cool! Glad I didn't win though upgraded my box last week Core i5 6400 im happy now.