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T-Mobile CEO Confirms iPhone Coming to Carrier

Despite it being the fourth largest cellphone carrier in the United States, T-Mobile has yet to offer its customers the iPhone.

However, T-Mobile customers won't be iDeprived for much longer. Deutsche Telekom CEO Rene Obermann was speaking the truth when he said that subsidiary T-Mobile would be carrying the iPhone some time in 2013.

T-Mobile CEO John Lugere gave a little bit of a more precise timeframe at CES Las Vegas, telling Reuters that it'll be carrying the iPhone in three or four months. This will be around the same time that T-Mobile will be doing completely away with cellphone subsidies, meaning customers will have to pay an upfront fee and monthly installments for their phones.

Sadly this will mean that by the time the smartphone launches on the carrier, T-Mobile customers wanting to snatch up a new iPhone will have to bear the brunt of the full cost of the phone.

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