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1 TB Team Group SATA SSD Now Just $77

Vulcan G
(Image credit: Team Group)

If you're looking for a high-capacity budget SSD for an older laptop or as a secondary storage drive on your desktop, check out this offer on the Team Group T-Force Vulcan G internal SSD. The 2.5-inch SATA drive is currently listed on Newegg for just $77. With a 1TB capacity, that sets a price at around 8 cents per GB.

Team Group T-Force Vulcan G 1TB: was $90, now $77 @Newegg (opens in new tab)
This 2.5-inch SATA SSD has a 1TB storage capacity and promises 550 / 500 MBps speeds.

The specs list the read/write speed as capable of reaching 550/500 MBps under ideal conditions. The Terabytes Written is listed at 240 TBW.

As a 2.5-inch SATA drive, it's a drop-in replacement for hard drives on just about any laptop that still has an HDD.  If you're building a new PC (perhaps one of the best PC builds for gaming), it's better to use an M.2 NVMe drive as your boot drive and add this for added storage. 

To check out the specs on the SSD more closely, visit the Team Group Vulcan G (opens in new tab) product page on Newegg. The deal is expected to be valid through Sunday this weekend.

Ash Hill
Ash Hill

Ash Hill is a Freelance News and Features Writer at Tom's Hardware US. She manages the Pi projects of the month and much of our daily Raspberry Pi reporting.

  • Endymio
    Anyone know if this drive is TLC or QLC? Their site doesn't seem to specify.
  • NightHawkRMX
    Endymio said:
    Anyone know if this drive is TLC or QLC? Their site doesn't seem to specify.,1.html
    TLC and has DRAM. Looks like a great SSD for the money.
  • Endymio
    Thanks; I have two on the way now. :)