Tesco Shows Off Oculus Rift Virtual Shopping Concept

Oculus Rift can take you to space. It can help you train with England's rugby team. But this fantastic technological advancement can also help us in everyday life. It seems supermarket chain Tesco is also toying with the possibilities that Oculus Rift presents. Figure Digital has released the following video showing people taking a tour around a virtual Tesco with our favorite VR display. Though the video doesn't offer any details on current or even future projects, it shows that the supermarket has its finger on the pulse when it comes to emerging technology.


Tesco Oculus Rift

The scenario in the video above seems almost unbelievable to those of us used to the click-and-pay of today's online shopping. However, given Oculus Rift should be affordable to all, it could be easily attainable. Though Oculus VR hasn't elaborated on consumer pricing, the company has said it plans to make the headset as affordable as possible while still existing as a company. Hopefully, that means we won't have to shell out $500 or $600 for one.

"You can't sell an expensive piece of hardware and expect tons of content to show up," Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey said in an interview recently. "We're not doing market research around what's the breaking point for people to buy a VR headset; we're just trying to sell it as cheap as we can while still existing as a company."

For those hoping to get their hands on the dev kit, you'll have to hurry. Oculus VR just this week confirmed that stock of its first run development kit is running out. Hopefully, that means we're in for some Oculus news at GDC this month or E3 in the summer time.

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  • lp231
    Why not just go to the actual place instead of visiting on the Oculus Rift?Has people started to become this lazy, they aren't willing to get their rear ends off their chairs?!What's next? Are people doing use the Oculus Rift to do their number 2s?Also this technology reminds of this Simpsons episode where groundskeeper Willie was wearing a VR headset and he though he was making love to a woman, while in reality he's making love to a rake.
  • w8gaming
    A future which people living their real lives with surrogates bots are coming. haha.
  • The_Trutherizer
    I've was toying with conceptual designs for this kind of thing until I realized that second life is going to deal with it all just fine. Why write a whole new system for virtual retail when second life is stable and well established.