Tesoro Gram Spectrum Keyboard With Low-Profile 'Agile' Switches Coming (For Real This Time)

Weeks ago, word got around about the Tesoro Gram Spectrum keyboard; as it turns out, someone sort of announced it early, resulting in an uneven launch and a bit of awkwardness around the Web. Now, though, some new folks at Tesoro have taken the PR reigns and made it official: The Tesoro Gram Spectrum keyboard is coming in June, and it has low-profile “Agile” switches.

As one can surmise from the “spectrum” nomenclature, this keyboard offers RGB lighting--in this case, per-key backlighting, with clear switch housings and “double-injection” key caps. Tesoro said that it offers nine lighting effects, including breathing, color wave and more.

The big story is the switches; they’re low-profile, with key caps that are significantly thinner that ones you normally see on mechanical switch keyboards. Tesoro branded these as “Agile” switches, but they’re made by Kailh.

We don’t have complete specs on the switches at this time, but a representative did tell me that the full travel of the switches is 3.5 mm. That is an intriguing spec; astute and frequent readers will note that the Corsair K70 RGB Rapidfire has Cherry MX Speed switches, which offer key travel of 3.2 mm, and shallow travel (in the name of speed) is the whole selling point. Tesoro’s Agile switches have just 0.3 mm longer travel.

This, compared to standard switches that typically have 4 mm (scroll down this page a bit to see the table) of total travel.

Other features include a 32-bit ARM Cortex processor and 512 KB of onboard memory for profile storage. Tesoro also stated that the Gram Spectrum offers full NKRO, with G-key rollover and on-the-fly macro recording. You can also use the Tesoro Gram Spectrum software to customize things further.

Built from plastic and iron (yes, iron, according to the product page), the Gram Spectrum comes in standard black, but you can also opt for an all-white version (which looks incredible in the press images Tesoro distributed).

The black version will run you $137, and the white one is just a touch more at $139. They will be available in June.

Tesoro Gram Spectrum
SwitchesAgile low-profile (Kailh)
MCU32-bit ARM Cortex processor
Polling Rate1,000 Hz
Onboard Memory512 KB
Lighting-RGB, per-key with clear switch housings
-Nine lighting effects
Cable1.8 m braided, detachable
OS SupportWindows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
Misc.-On-the-fly macro recording
-Low-profile key caps
-Tall flip-out feet
Dimensions445 x 136 x 24.5 mm
Weight1.05 Kg
Price / Availability$137 (black) or $139 (white) / June 2016

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  • synphul
    It looks pretty interesting with the newer agile switches. Unfortunately the price is where they lost me. That's around double with the tesoro excalibur spectrum rgb runs and they seem to be almost identical aside from the lower profile switches. Not worth the price bump to me.

    I take that back, prices for the excalibur are up a bit higher than I paid several months ago but the new key design is still around a 50% price increase.
  • amk-aka-Phantom
    That's really neat. I wouldn't mind lower keys on a mechanical keyboard. Usual problem though: NumPad... Make a TKL variant and I'm so sold.
  • Garrek99
    Missing G keys.
    I use them for productivity not gaming and can't go back to a keyboard without them.
    My Logitech G710 has a very cramped layout that's been bothering of late.