'The Last Guardian' Arrives October 25

The Last Guardian was back again at E3 with a new trailer. More importantly, we now have a release date: October 25.

The game was initially revealed in 2009 at E3, and it’s been in a state of limbo over the last few years. However, the game resurfaced again last year at E3 with a 2016 release date.

After so many years of patience, fans will have to wait just a mere four months--that is, if there aren't any significant issues with the build (knock on wood).

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NameThe Last Guardian
DeveloperSony Interactive Entertainment Japan Studio
PublisherSony Interactive Entertainment
PlatformsPlayStation 4
Release DateOctober 25, 2016

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  • CBender
    Has Nostradamus made any predictions about 10/26?
  • dstarr3
    It looks like the PS4 is FINALLY building up a decent library of exclusives. Between this and Bloodborne, I might just finally get a PS4.
  • sh4dow83
    That video thumbnail made me LOL.
    Shadows are overrated anyway. Hahaha!
  • techy1966
    I was impressed with the graphics up until they showed the main game character which totally looks very much out of place from the rest of the world as in the game itself looks amazing with good reanders on the creatures but then you see the main game character and you go WTF did this little toon just happen to walk on the set from another game and got lost.
  • alithegreat
    I thought it was something about Medivh and got excited..