Thermaltake Launches Slew of New RGB Peripherals, Gaming Desk and Chair

Thermaltake has hit the ground running at CES 2020 with a huge array of new RGB peripherals. From gaming chairs, to variable height desks, mouse bungees, mice and keyboards the company’s not holding back.

Thermaltake TK5 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

First up on the block is Thermaltake’s latest TK5 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. This full-size board comes with quite the interesting design style. With a split separated aluminum top plate on the left angling down into a separate, what seems to be plastic, sub-section for the numpad, arrow keys and dedicated media keys (which includes a stunning volume wheel). The company’s also opting for a floating key switch design as well, with a choice of either Cherry MX Blues or Cherry MX Speed Silver switches depending on your preference. Not only does this help diffuse the RGB LED lighting underneath, but it also helps keep the TK5 clean, and safe from any potential spillages.

The TK5 also comes with a full length RGB strip running around the sides of the board under an aluminum lip which again helps to throw light across your gaming setup from the keyboard without you being able to see the individual LEDs. You also get a detachable synthetic leather wrist-rest too. Is this our next favorite gaming keyboard?

Thermaltake TM5 RGB Wired/Wireless Mouse 

Next up we have Thermaltake’s latest TM5 RGB Wireless/Wired gaming mouse. This new design features what seems to be a palm-style oriented ambi-dextrous mouse, with buttons on either side of the mouse. Of course you also get the usual slew of RGB, most impressive being the ring of lights situated on the bottom of the mouse itself. Similar to the keyboard, this is designed to kick light out of the bottom of the device without you necessarily being able to see where the light is coming from. 

Thermaltake claims the TM5 has a 10 meter range, and can connect via 2.4GHz wireless (via dongle), Bluetooth 5.0, and USB cable as well. Although no word on battery life just yet, we do know that the TM5 comes with a PixArt PMW-3335 optical sensor with a 16,000 CPI, and Omron mechanical switches, so hopefully this should be quite affordable.

Thermaltake ToughDesk 300 & CyberChair E500 

Thermaltake also announced the launch of its latest ToughDesk 300. This variable height desk comes packed with some impressive features and freebies, including an advanced cable management systems to ensure even the most enthusiastic of multi-monitor setups can be catered for. TT also includes a full-size RGB mouse matt that's 4mm thick as standard. As for the height adjustment with its built-in “quiet” motors you can sit the desk anywhere between 70 and 110cm from the ground. Once you’ve found the perfect height this can then be saved onto one of the four on-board  profiles.

Then there’s the chair. The CyberChair E500 follows a more traditional design for an ergonomic office chair than that of the gaming bucket-seats we’ve seen over the last few years. It’s aluminum frame is covered in a highly-breathable permeable mesh fabric to ensure you stay cool and comfortable during even the most intense gaming sessions, and it of course comes with a multitude of ergonomic adjustments as well.

 Anything Else? 

Thermaltake also showed us its MB1 RGB Mouse bungee, MP1 RGB mouse pad, and the HS1 RGB headset stand too all of which come with rubberised non-slip bases, and full synchronization with a bevy of RGB software suites. Are we looking at kit for this year's revisit of the RGBeast? Just maybe.

No pricing on any of the above yet, however the keyboard, mouse, desk and chair should all be available in February of this year.

Zak Storey

As Associate Editor of Tom's Hardware's prestigous British division, Zak specializes in system building, case reviews and peripherals, and has a particular penchant for liquid-cooling. He's also a lover of all things Viking/Scandinavian (thus the poor attempt at a beard).