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Thermaltake's New Case is a Giant Liquid Cooler

Lots of PC enthusiasts put open-loop coolers in their chassis, but what if the chassis itself is the reservoir? Thermaltake's upcoming P200 chassis is a giant clear slab that holds liquid coolant inside while you attach all your components to the outside with no additional casing around them. 

Thermaltake had the P200, whose price and release date are still up in the air, on display at its Computex booth. The entire body serves as distro plate / reservoir that contains your coolant and helps route it to all the different components that need liquid cooling such as your CPU and GPU, each of which needs its own water block. 

You screw all of the components, including the radiator, motherboard, power supply and 2.5-inch SSDs right onto the top of the case then use tubing to route the coolant from the case to the individual water blocks as needed. A set of feet hold the Thermaltake P200 aloft.

The clear case makes it look like your components are stuck on top of a giant block of RGB-enabled ice which, pun intended, seems pretty cool. The back surface has a slick-looking Thermaltake logo and shows you the pathways where the liquid can travel. The case won't come with coolant so you'll be free to choose whatever color liquid you want.

Thermaltake said that it's still taking feedback on the P200's design and could make significant changes before launch. Whatever the company does, this is a very unique and attractive aesthetic, but to use it, you'd need to be comfortable not only with open-loop liquid cooling but also with the idea that your components aren't enclosed at all.

Image Credits: Tom's Hardware

  • Giroro
    I feel like it would have made more sense to integrate the radiator into the case, instead of the reservoir... Or in addition to.
  • Somasonic
    Dust, noise... cool idea (no pun intended haha) but being open air makes it more of a test bench set up IMO.