Thermaltake Adds RGB To Pacific PR22-D5 Plus Reservoir / Pump

Those of you looking to add some color to your water cooling loop will be interested in Thermaltake’s new Pacific PR22-D5 Plus reservoir/pump combo.

The PR22-D5 Plus features a 300ml heat-resistant acrylic reservoir attached to a high-speed pump capable of moving up to 300 gallons of coolant per hour. The pump is equipped with a manual speed control knob that allows you to adjust impeller speed from 1,800 RPM up to 4,800 RPM.   

The reservoir cap contains a dozen addressable LEDs capable of displaying 16.8 million colors. In addition to lighting functions such as Color Mode, Light Mode, and Light Speed, the included Riing Plus RGB Software (desktop and mobile versions available) can also control other RGB-equipped components such as fans and CPU and GPU water blocks. There’s even a Copy Color mode that allows you to instantly match the color of the reservoir to the rest of your system. This LED cap is designed specifically for the PR22-D5 Plus and is not compatible with other Thermaltake reservoirs.

As you might expect, this reservoir/pump combo is LCS Certified. The certification process, developed by Thermaltake, is exclusive to the company's own products. Simply put, LCS certification is a designation given to water cooling components and cases that pass a set of internal standards that guarantees compatibility. This takes the guesswork out of choosing components for your system build.

Thermaltake’s Pacific PR22-D5 Plus is also compatible with any aftermarket open-loop water cooling system that uses standard G1/4 type fittings.

Information on pricing and availability wasn’t available at press time. We’ve reached out to the company for more details.