Yahoo, TiVo enter into remote user partnership

BetaNews is reporting this morning that embattled pioneer DVR manufacturer TiVo has entered into a partnership agreement with search engine giant Yahoo. The partnership enables TiVo users to program their units remotely through a Web site provided by Yahoo, which will include Yahoo advertising. In return, Yahoo services will be made available through TiVo.

The service is part of the DVR maker's "Tahiti" initiative, which focuses on bringing online and traditional video content together for users, as well as providing options on where customers can view their recorded material.

To record a program, a user simply selects an option to "record to my TiVo box" from any Yahoo TV show page. The request would then be sent to the TiVo, and arrives within one or two hours if the unit is connected to a broadband network, or within 36 hours if TiVo must dial in for updates.