Tobii Adds Windows Hello Support For Current And Future Products

One of the new features in Windows 10 is Windows Hello, which trades the traditional password login for one of three biometric “passwords,” including facial recognition, fingerprint or an iris scan. Today, another company joined the list of Hello-compatible devices. Tobii, known for its eye-tracking hardware, supports facial recognition in Windows Hello.

All Tobii devices with the Tobii IS3 platform, which includes the EyeX and SteelSeries Sentry Eye Tracker, will be able to work with the authentication software. The company boasted that its devices allow you to use a Tobii device with Windows Hello in varying lighting conditions and even in the dark.

The use of Windows Hello on current hardware is just the beginning, as Tobii plans to support it in future products, as well. In October, the company announced the IS4 platform and Tobii EyeChip, its next generation of eye-tracking software and SoC, respectively, and Windows Hello support is expected to be a standard feature with its release in addition to other future products.


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  • alextheblue
    The first wave of Hello enabled products are already pretty impressive, but I'd like to see the Hello iris tech in action too.
  • dE_logics
    Ok, Microsoft on monopoly again.

    Hello hardware for Windows.