The Tom's Hardware Best PC Builds Giveaway

The Tom’s Hardware Community Team is proud to announce two back-to-back summer giveaways with prize packages bursting full of the latest and greatest hardware! With over two million registered users, the Tom’s Community isn’t just large, it’s the biggest hardware and tech community in the world now. With a huge range of all levels of expertise, this community is the vanguard of tech and the preeminent venue for computer hardware discussion. 

To celebrate our awesome community and every one of our members, we’ve assembled two of the most epic giveaways in Tom’s Hardware history, including prize packages with a combined value of over $13,000! We’re talking top-of-the-line systems and the latest hardware fresh from the factory floor. 

To kick things off, we’re hosting a week-long sweepstakes giveaway for all seven of the Tom’s Hardware Community Best PC Builds! You submitted and voted, and now it’s your chance to win seven of the fastest, most feature-rich gaming builds assembled by Tom’s Hardware Community members.

To spread the love even more, each giveaway will offer 100 Runner-Up Prizes for Arctic MX-4 Thermal Compound and an exclusive Tom’s Hardware case badge.

For your chance to win in the first of our two back-to-back Summer Giveaways, head over to the thread in the Systems section of the forum, and type in your public profile ID into the sweepstakes widget. You can find your public profile id in the URL address of your Public Profile Page. To get there simply to head to your profile, and select “See my profile”:

The Tom’s Hardware Best PC Builds Giveaway starts Friday, August 11and will close at 12pm EDT on Friday, August 18. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the reveal about the second Summer Giveaway, as the prizes are going to be crazy!

What: The Tom’s Hardware Best PC Builds Giveaway

Prize: The Tom’s Hardware Best PC Builds

Where: This Thread in the Systems Forum

How: Follow the Instructions on the giveaway widget and log into your Tom’s Hardware account

When:  The Tom’s Hardware Best PC Builds will start this Friday, August 11th and close at 12 pm EDT on Friday, August 18th.

  • tirith2708
    Is it international? I hope it is.
  • Kennyy Evony
    there are laws preventing it being international. some manufacturers void warranty on hardware that travels outside designated warranty zone.
  • ko888
    If you don't live in the U.S.A. then you're screwed.

    If you ask the Tom's Hardware Community Director you will be given this link as the explanation as to why it's only limited to U.S.A residents:
  • osljanac
    So its international??? why not??? i read and steal don't see the reason. If i win something i will pay the shipping and all other taxis if it comes to my place. Why not :(
  • rapidwolve
    Since this is for US folks only, please don't call it the world's largest community giveaway..