Tom’s Hardware Hammer Time! Again!

From time to time in our product reviews you’ve seen us smacking the ever-living daylights out of a piece of hardware – whether it be a supposedly indestructible flash drive or stray piece of RAM – using a trusty Tom’s Hardware Hammer.  You may have asked yourselves “How can I get such a cool hammer as the one those guys use to torture innocent pieces of circuitry?”  Well, once more today, your answer has arrived!

I’m pleased to announce that we are once more giving away the very awesome Tom’s Hardware Hammers to 10 random lucky people. This collectible piece of DOOM-INFLICTING hardware can be yours just by following these simple steps.
1.       “Like” Tom’s Hardware on Facebook. (url-
2.       Post a comment in the article commentary below.
3.       Be one of the ten lucky individuals in the random drawing.
If you happen to be ahead of the curve, and you’ve already hit that “Like” button, be sure to post in the commentary below to be entered in the drawing for a chance to win one of these snazzy hammers from our exclusive (and limited!) supply.
Comments are open and the contest begins now!

Joe Pishgar
Community Manager

Joe Pishgar
Joe Pishgar is the Community Director of Tom's Hardware US. He oversees the number one tech enthusiast forum in the world.