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TRON's Razer Backlit Keyboard Detachable 10-key

TRON is coming back to the theatres this holiday season with the new entry, TRON: Legacy. The trailers thus far look pretty great, especially for those who are fans of IMAX 3D movies (like I am).

As with any big movie, there's bound to be merchandising. Often the movie merchandising amounts to some action figures and a Happy Meal, but for TRON: Legacy, there may be some useful things in store.

Disney Consumer Products (DCP) has enlisted the help of Razer to make a keyboard and mouse set to go along with the movie. The new TRON: Legacy gaming peripherals from Razer include: an ergonomic gaming mouse incorporating Razer's 5600dpi 3.5g gaming grade sensor, a gaming keyboard with programmable keys and macro capabilities as well as a detachable keypad, and a high precision mouse mat - all designed to create the ultimate gaming experience featuring highly detailed finishes and lighting effects. The product line will range in price from SRP $79-139.

From an aesthetic standpoint, both pieces of hardware look great, but we're big fans of the backlit and detachable keyboard. For those who want to conserve desk space or simply have the mouse closer to home row, but have the option to switch back to arrow keys and the number pad, this is a perfect solution.

These products will hit stores in October, while the movie will arrive on December 17.