Ubisoft Ending Vista Support For Uplay PC Client

Ubisoft announced the end of support for its Uplay PC client for Windows Vista. The company decided that, with Microsoft officially pulling the plug on Vista, it was no longer feasible continue to update the Uplay PC client for the (now) legacy operating system. Although Vista users will still be able to access their games, they will no longer be able to receive updates for the Uplay PC client once support ends. The Ubisoft support FAQ states:


With Microsoft ending Windows Vista support, what does that mean for the Uplay PC Client?


With official support for Windows Vista soon to end, we have decided to end our support of this now legacy operating system. This will allow us to take advantage of newer technologies moving forward and ensure the highest possible security for our users.

If you are one of the few still using Window Vista, we strongly urge you upgrade to a newer, more secure version of Windows at your earliest convenience.

How many people will this affect? Because Ubisoft doesn't make Uplay user stats available, we took a quick peek at the latest Steam Hardware & Software Survey to see how many Windows Vista users are left. Not surprisingly, gamers using the aging OS account for only 0.10% of Steam's overall user base.

The takeaway from all of this: This is what happens when you refuse to upgrade to a current operating system. Using an outdated, non-supported OS not only makes you a threat to yourself, but you are a security risk to your friends and family as well.  

Also, if you are not going to move out of your mom’s basement, you should at least help with the chores every now and then. We’re looking at you, 0.10% Vista users.     

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  • problematiq
  • Jake Hall
    This is a dark day
  • dstarr3
    What has to go wrong in a person's life for them to still be on Vista?