UnEvn's ONE Portable Gaming Desk Lets Fold up Your Rig, Lug It With You

The idea of taking your PC to a LAN party certainly isn't new, but taking your entire desk setup (PC included) to one just might be. A Finland-based company named unEvn takes bringing your desktop with you to a whole other level with its "portable" gaming desk called "ONE". The ONE portable gaming desk has the ability to not only store a full PC system inside, but it will also hold your monitor and peripherals, and can fold up to be carried on your back, or with a travel bag. UnEvn dubs the ONE as the world's, "first fully-portable gaming desk w/built-in computer chassis and integrated monitor and mount."

When opened, the ONE measures 48 x 31.5 x 32 inches (WxDxH) and features matte-black polycarbonate sheet with a texture the company says is good for optimal mouse use. The desk material itself is made from a Glass-Aramid (Kevlar) hybrid composite for the desk parts. The surface has electronically adjustable height controls from 24-32 inches, as well as an included gas-spring monitor arm able to support up to a 32-inch monitor.  The front panel has a curved area where a user will sit (or stand) with the IO panel flanking left and a 5.25-inch drive space on the right. To the right of the front panel is where a keyboard, mouse, and peripherals can be stored for travel.

With the aluminum legs folded down and the desk folded in half in transport mode, the ONE becomes about half its size at 32 x 8 x 24 inches. With the included straps, you can then sling your desk, PC, Monitor (up to 25-inch stored internally), Keyboard and Mouse (tucked into the drawer) over your shoulder or on your back and head off to your next LAN party or esports battle, arguably more prepared than anyone. UnEvn says the entire setup will weigh 55 to 66 lbs, depending on the monitor and PC components inside. To put that into perspective, you may feel more like a soldier with a full pack and armor lugging that much weight around.

Inside, the gaming desk has space for an ITX size motherboard, a dual-slot graphics card (single card only), SFX sized PSU (up to 130 mm), and space for four 2.5" drives (up to 10.5 mm height). Keeping the PC bits cool is an included 140mm fan, along with two additional 140 mm fan slots with dust filters for the CPU, GPU, and PSU. The internal chassis can also support coolers up to 60 mm tall and looks to be space for a radiator where the dual 140 mm fans are located. The front panel is on the left-front side of the desk and includes power/reset buttons, two USB 3.1 ports, and two audio jacks.

The ONE portable gaming desk with all of its high-end desk features will fetch a premium. Though the desk is currently on Kickstarter, its retail asking price if released will be a wallet-squeezing $2,499. If you get in on the Kickstarter early, the desk will cost as low as $1,249 and includes the desk itself, a monitor arm and power cord. There are other higher tiers as well, including a two-desk bundle for $2,995.

According to the Kickstarter, the estimated delivery for the UnEvn ONE is October of 2019, to "limited countries." This is a pretty unique idea that will probably appeal to a niche of esports and LAN party enthusiasts. But if the idea of strapping your entire desk to your back (including the PC and peripherals housed inside) appeals to you--and you're physically up to the task of lugging it around--unEvn is probably going to be your only option.

Photos Credit: unEvn

Joe Shields
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