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Unity 4 Game Engine Announced

The software now features the character animation system Mecanim, which the company acquired last September, support for DirectX 11 as well as support of Adobe Flash as q publishing platform in addition to iOS and Android. The developer environment is offered as a free version as well as a $1,500 Pro edition with the complete feature set. However, the company sells target platform support on an individual basis for $400.

Unity 4 is available for pre-order, and those who do will get access to the Unity 4 Beta.

“We’ve been working on Unity 4 for a long, long time and are happy to finally be able to unveil its imminent arrival and outline its core features that will change the industry,” said David Helgason, CEO, Unity Technologies, in a prepared statement. "The revolutionary animation system and add-on deployments to Adobe Flash and Linux are some of the critical features introduced in Unity 4, which together maintain Unity as the strongest, fastest evolving modern games development platform available."

Unity said that the new engine now also includes 3D texture support, dynamic fonts on all platforms with HTML-like markup, iterative lightmap baking, as well as extensible inspectors for custom classes.