Project Hydra Overclocking Tool for AMD Ryzen 5000 Rivals Ryzen Master

A new tool for overclocking AMD's Ryzen 5000 CPUs is under development, and it promises more features and better reliability than AMD's own Ryzen Master software. Hydra comes from "1usmus," the same person who created the Ryzen DRAM calculator.

As detailed via Gamers Nexus, the goal of project Hydra is to give users the highest performing overclocks capable of their Zen 3 silicon without any drawbacks. Hydra will build a profile specific to your CPU that will give you both a good all-core overclock and a single-threaded overclock (and everywhere in between), to ensure your best CPU boosts as high as possible, no matter how many CPU cores it's using.

Hydra does this by testing each core separately and overclocking them as high as possible with Prime95. Once each core is validated; Hydra will check the CPU's silicon fitness or quality level by seeing what the chip's VID (requested core voltage) values are by default.

Taking the default VID values into consideration, Hydra will make adjustments to the cores where necessary to maintain the silicon.

1usmus's Project Hydra

(Image credit: YouTube -- GamersNexus)

The best feature of Hydra is its direct control over CPU clock speeds and boosting behavior. Hydra communicates directly with Zen 3's SMU to get data on what the CPU is doing. With this data, Hydra will be able to automatically change clock speeds for each core and even change profiles, if necessary.

This should be very well-optimized and allow Zen 3 owners to have near complete control over their chip's boosting capabilities.

1usmus's Project Hydra

(Image credit: YouTube -- GamersNexus)

1usmus even claimed that Hydra will be safer to use than Ryzen Master, due to using PCI mutex when communicating with the CPU. PCI Mutex is a method of protecting commands from being overwritten or modified, something Ryzen Master does not have.

There are a bunch of other settings available for dialing your overclock, including monitoring, voltage adjustment (of just 1mv) and voltage profiles. 1usmus's CTR program will also be integrated directly into Hydra, giving you even more control over the CPU's boosting and voltage behaviors.

1usmus's Project Hydra

(Image credit: YouTube -- GamersNexus)

1usmus shared a proof of concept, comparing Hydra + CTR to Ryzen Master. Using the AMD Ryzen 9 5950X as an example, 1usmus said Ryzen Master overclocks that chip automatically to 4.8 GHz with a 1.425-1.45v VID. Meanwhile, Hydra managed to take that same chip all the way to 5 GHz.

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  • TheJoker2020
    1usmus has been doing excellent work.

    I look forward to reading / watching reviews of this product, I have eyeballed the previous iteration of this but never used it (not least because I have a Zen 2+ CPU, which it works with but is not optimised for (this is to be done later, and then Zen2 and finally Zen 1 (if they can get anything out of it due to the different technology and boost characteristics)).

    This is IMHO one to 👀 closely.
  • eklipz330
    hopefully this releases without many issues or problems considering there are so many motherboard variations. and soon too, am4 doesn't have much left on life expectancy considering next gen chips will be am5