Valve Commemorates 'The International DOTA 2 Championship' With Special Edition Vive HMD

Special edition Vive HMDs are apparently a thing a now. Valve is selling a limited edition Vive to commemorate “The International,” Valve’s annual DOTA 2 tournament.

The limited edition “The International DOTA 2 Championship” HTC Vive is essentially the same hardware package as the original Vive. You get the two base stations, two controllers, and the HMD itself. The components are all still made of black plastic. Valve didn’t even put a Dota 2 logo on any of the hardware. The only difference between the standard Vive and the special edition is the head strap.

The limited edition HMD includes a bright red head strap that features the DOTA 2 logo on the upper rear, as well as “The International DOTA 2 Championship” logo on the lower rear.

Valve isn’t charging any extra money for the limited edition VR HMD. The kit can be ordered for $800 through the Valve Store Secret Shop, but it’s not open to the general public. To purchase the kit, you have to sign into Steam, but you’ll require a special badge on your Steam account to qualify. You’ll get an error about not having the badge linked to your account if you don’t have it. The error directs you to, but there are no further instructions. It’s unclear if you need a pass to attend The International, or if a Battle Pass will suffice.

 Kevin Carbotte is a contributing writer for Tom's Hardware who primarily covers VR and AR hardware. He has been writing for us for more than four years. 

  • Jeff Fx
    This looks to be functionally the same as the original head strap. People replace this with welding headgear for a much more comfortable fit.
  • Hatchepsut
    Yay I love dota 2! It would be more excited if they announced dota 2 will work in vr...