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Valve Celebrates 500,000 Steam Controllers Sold, More Features On The Way

A little less than seven months after Valve released the Steam Controller, the company celebrated a major milestone: It sold over half a million units of the controller. Since its launch, Valve continued to add various features to the peripheral, but it seems that more is on the way.

At the top of the list is continued support for the Steam Controller. Valve said that the device worked with recent titles at launch such as Doom and Dark Souls III. The rise in Steam Controller support also meant that you could create a single set of controls to work across multiple games. For VR, you could use the controller in Game Theater Mode and utilize its motion controls to make it a virtual steering wheel.

Other new features include the ability to configure the controller from your desktop, recreate rumble effects, create multiple “Action Sets” for one game (for example, you can make a controller scheme for “Running” and “Flying” in Just Cause 3) and support for games purchased outside of Steam.

However, the improvements don’t stop there. One upcoming feature is the addition of “Activators,” which allows you to assign more actions to your controller such as press-and-hold, double-click and toggle. Valve didn’t provide an exact date for the release of this feature, but in the meantime, it will continue to look at customer feedback in order find more ways to expand the features of the Steam Controller.

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