VR Mag Docs Designed To Preserve Your Vive Controller’s USB Port

The HTC Vive is an incredible device that will take you to wondrous places beyond your imagination, but it is still a piece of technology that can potentially break over time. The controllers are likely to be susceptible to long-term wear and tear, and not just because they have the potential to be dropped or swung into objects. The controllers are the only part of the Vive system that require regular plugging in and unplugging.

VR Mag Docks launched a set of Vive wand controller charging stands that offer a preventative solution to that problem. The Mag Dock is a customizable Vive controller stand that features a magnetic charge solution. The stands are designed to hold the controllers up off of the table, which could also preserve your IR sensors in the long run. Each Mag Dock includes a magnetic insert that plugs into the charging port of the Vive controller. The docks have a corresponding magnetic adapter that the USB cable plugs into. The cable runs under the dock through a channel and comes out at the rear.

VR Mag Docks are 3D printed and finished by hand. The basic VR Mag Docks stand features a large VR Mag Docks logo, but you can pay extra for a custom logo (or get a discount if you don’t want the logo at all).

VR Mag Docks are available to order now, but each one is made to order, so the company said to expect up to a two-week lead time before shipping. A set of VR Mag Docks sells for £50 (~$71.25 USD). Custom logos are £15 more (~$19.40 USD), but you can save £5 (~$6.50 USD) if you don’t want the standard logo. VR Mag Docks said that the logo-free option will be available in response to early feedback.

Update, July 8, 2016, 3pm PT: We incorrectly listed the currency as Euro when it is actually Brittish Pounds. The conversion has been amended.

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  • Jeff Fx
    This is a solved problem, if it's actually a problem at all. https://www.amazon.com/HKW-Magnetic-MicroUSB-Charging-Cable/dp/B01AW3XF6U

    It looks like they just added a 3d-printed stand.

    A Vive controller usually dies from hitting a wall or ceiling, rather than from USB port wear, which is no worse than on cell-phones that last for years. The part that dies from (internal) wear is the lighthouses, which unfortunately have moving parts.
  • anbello262
    There is a small mispelling in the title (that left me very confused until I read the article). It should be "docks"
  • Mr Steenky
    These stands are literally ripped from Thingiverse's D_Evans creation where he also links where to purchase the magnetic cables:

    It's just too bad that if you try to update the controller firmware using magnetic cables, the update fails. I almost bricked my controllers thanks to these cables.